Governance Commission-Liberia


This policy statement on public sector reform acknowledges that governance reform is the context of public sector reform; as Liberia’s past experience amply demonstrates and confirms, all previous attempts to reform public sector institutions outside a comprehensive governance framework proved non-sustainable. However, for purposes of management and presentation, this statement is confined to public sector reform, acknowledging it as a critically important component of governance reform. It focuses on a framework and agenda for public sector reform covering the long-term vision in the context of national  goals, objectives and strategies.  Central to this policy is  reflection on the lessons of past initiatives; it builds on  current initiatives but calls for contextualizing public sector reform as a necessary  tool to improving public service delivery and ensuring accountability, transparency, fairness and justice, attributes that are indispensable to social and political stability and development. This policy statement is offered as one of the instruments  that, together with other reform instruments, can ensure a coordinated approach to national

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