Financilal and Administrative implications of Civil Service Dec. - Nov 2019

Governance Commission-Liberia


The Government of Liberia out of its recent civil war experience has concluded that the way forward for rural development is to allow the people of rural communities to participate in the governance and administration of their own communities. To accomplish this goal, there is a need for decentralization/devolution of authority and power from Monrovia to the counties.    
Toward this objective, the Government in January 2011 launched the National Policy on Decentralization and Local Governance which aims at systematically providing guidance to the process of devolution of powers, authority, functions, and responsibilities between the national government and the county governments.  The policy provides that all administrative institutions in the counties be revised, restructured and harmonized to implement a responsible and responsive system of governance and public administration and to ensure accountable, sound and lawful management of local resources.  The policy further provides for the establishment of administrative agencies in each county upon its implementation.  
Developing such administrative agencies will require the establishment of effective human resource management systems in the counties that will embody training and capacity building and an employment system based upon merit.  In response to this challenge, the Government of Liberia is desirous of institutionalizing a decentralized administrative system with a civil service that will appropriately respond to the personnel needs of the counties.  It is within this light that the study is being conducted.

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