Library Overview

The idea to establish a Resource Center started long ago in 2016, the growing need and demand for knowledge products produced by the Commission on governance reforms and decentralization was very critical. Stakeholders and development partners grew interest in the work of the Commission and wanted to have access to its many policy documents and research reports as well as policy briefs from high-level policy dialogues.


This demand prompted the Commission to engage partners with project proposals requesting their intervention to establish a repository to serve as a one-stop-shop center for the many knowledge products that have being produced by the Commission to be properly store for easy access by all stakeholders.


Against this backdrop, USAID through LEGIT saw the need to also work with the Commission in this direction to establish a repository with special emphasis on Decentralization reforms in 2018 building on the support received from the LDSP through the advocacy of UN Women Gender Advisor to the program. On March 13, 2018 UN Women and LEGIT met with the leadership of the Commission and agreed in principle to work with the Commission and merged resources. As the result of this collaboration a Resource Center is now established under the Title: Governance and Decentralization Resource Center.

The Center has a physical library and a digital library. The physical library is intended to make up 25% of the Resource Center, while the digital library will make up 75% of the Center.

The Goal of the GDRC

The goal is to increase public access to information on governance reforms and decentralization and also serve as a one-stop-shop Center for researchers from all institutions, the general public and partner.

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